1. Premises

1.1. The work of A. Ruiz Villar revolves around the quest for a language akin to the following factors:
1.1.1. Provisionality (doubt): Lack of an evident purpose.
1.1.2. Continuity: There are silences, there's no rest.
1.1.3. Uprootedness: There's no commitment to technique, structure, or materials.

2. Process

2.1. Communication is language itself, the only purpose is the creation of a code. His work doesn't take it as necessary to convey a message.
2.2. The elements on which this language rests are:
2.2.1. Strata (time): Chance understood as "several events happening at the same time.'* Sedimentation and history.
2.2.2. Scars: The appearance of the accident and its consequences. Marks. Waste and pain
2.2.3. Map: The need to stay in a non-place. Immobility. Limits and borders. Fear. The cage.

3. Results

3.1. Formal results are but new openings which alter direction in language. Pieces are scions which grow in different directions and stay in indefinite places.

*John Cage 'For the birds'

You will find my pieces in: @garnaartgallery @culto_barcelona & @matiz_bcn

Currently represented in the USA by Wendover Art Group (Largo, Florida) and Boston Art (Boston).

His works are held in private collections in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Dubái and the USA.